A Grade 5’s plea for parents to spend more time with their children

Smart Devices


Do you want your child to feel sad and lonely,and feel that you love your smart devices more than them?


Did you know that 80 percent of children feel lonely because their parents are on their smartphones and other devices.Also that makes the child sad because his/her parents don’t look after them or don’t pay attention to their children.Also if your child watches you  always on that devices they will ask you to buy one for them, and I don’t think that parents want their children becoming robots like them.Parents try to have a balanced time between your smart devices, and children should try to speak to themselves.


I suggest for parents to have a balanced time between your family and your smart device.Also make a chart designed for your smart device and family time. Or if you’re very addicted to your device try to not use it in front of your children.


Enjoy time with your kids because they will not stay kids for ever.


By Sama Hammad

(editing support from Mr. Hoffman)

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