Work -Life Balance

Apologies for not having blogged in a while. We were so grateful to see so many people attend our workshop. We noticed a trend amongst Phd students who were struggling with the challenge of being a good student and a good parent, and then look what Kaust is advertising! We would like to highly recommend anyone who is struggling with work-life balance to attend the below workshop.

Work-Life Balance in Science: Opportunity or Challenge?

Professor Marlene Belfort will address one of the biggest issues facing women: having a career and having a family. She is a strong believer that women who wish to combine children with a research career should not be seen as taking a step back, but instead as bolstering both activities.

Work-Life Balance in Science: Opportunity or Challenge?

Professor Marlene Belfort

Tuesday, February 24

12:00-1:00 p.m.

Al-Jazri (building 4), level 5, room 5209

Lunch provided; sponsored by Office of the VP of Academic Affairs

Much has been written about women in science regarding gender bias and the extraordinary dropout rate. Although almost one-half of graduate students in the sciences are women, but the number who are full professors, scientific leaders, or members in the National Academy of Sciences is in the 3% to 8% range. Young female scientists may be intimidated by the odds and terrified by choices they feel they need to make between their apparently conflicting professional and parenting roles. Dr. Belfort will share her personal experiences handling both roles and explain how doing so can help rather than hurt a woman’s career and also help motivate her to become a better parent.

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