Stages of Culture Shock

Initial Euphoria

Excitement, high expectations

Everything is Intriguing

Focus on the similarities of people

Irritation & Frustration

Focus turns from similarities to differences

Small difficulties can seem monumental

Could feel anxious, homesick, confused, fatigued, inadequate

Gradual Adjustment

The initial crisis is over

Gradual move toward being comfortable in this new culture

Become able to interpret cultural cues

Feel comfortable with, instead of isolated from, the new culture

Adaption and Biculturalism

Have the ability to function comfortably in two cultures

Find customs enjoyable that were once unfamiliar

Taking Care of Yourself During Change

  • Seek Balance in your life 
  • Journal or write a diary
  • Find a private place to vent
  • Exercise regularly
  • Focus on the positive
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Have some fun – do things you enjoy

‘Here Today There Tomorrow’ by Elisabeth Parker and Katharine Rumrill-Teece (2001)

Could feel anxious, homesick, confused, fatigues, inadequate

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