Coping with feeding problems

Is your child a faddy eater?

Does it take forever for your child to finish their food?

Here are some ideas I have read about in our books in the cousnelling department : ‘Coping with Children’s Feeding problems and Bedtime battles.’ by Martin Herbert

  • try allowing your child to serve their own portion of food whenever possible
  • allow them choice over what food goes on their plate
  • offer smaller portions, with the option of seconds if they would like
  • give them an option of eating what the whole family eats or one type of nutritional food that they like
  • praise good table manners and good eating
  • negotiate a time limit, for example after 20 minutes the plates will be taken away and the child will be rewarded with a star if they have eaten well, if they receive a certain number of stars they can get a reward.

I know personally I have one child who eats like there is no tomorrow whilst the other takes forever to eat so I think I will introduce a time limit for the younger one and perhaps and time minimum for the older one to see if he can slow down!

Have a great weekend everyone. We will try a blog at least twice a week with some ideas and thoughts.


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