Safety First – A Novel Idea

bracelet-2My friend brought over two phone number bracelets one day that she made for our boys and I love them! What a great idea. I was so touched that she took the time to sort through the numbers of my cell phone number, including area code, twice! (Stock photo above, not my number!) I have seen ID bracelets advertised before for allergy and medical indications. I’ve also heard of temporary tattoos that you can personalize with your phone number and other information for use in crowded public places like theme parks, etc… This bracelet idea is fantastic because it is removable and reusable! Not only that, it is simple to put together yourself with a few inexpensive supplies from a craft store.  My friend found the beads she used at Hobby Lobby.

I keep our bracelets in my purse and it’s so easy to pull them out at the entrance to a museum or when we’re on a field trip. The boys have my cell phone number memorized but in a real emergency who knows what they’ll remember; even adults can forget their own phone numbers in an emergency! Every time I slip these bracelets on them (wrists or ankles) I remind them about our stranger rules and how to spot a safe adult if they get lost. They don’t have to come up with my number, they only have to remember to point to it!”

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