Yasmeen’s Bio


My name is Yasmeen Ghunaim and I am currently counselor for the early years at The KAUST School. I am I wife and mother of the light of my life, my seven year old son, Hamza. I am product of a cross-cultural marriage where my father is Saudi and my mother is American. I can definitely say my experiences and upbringing have definitely made me the counselor I am today!

I believe that all children deserve a solid, dependable support system both at home and school. My goal is to provide every child with the social and emotional support they need to be successful both in their academic and personal lives. It is of great importance to me to collaborate with families in order to empower students to meet their fullest potential and maximize their success. I have great empathy for children and having experienced transitions and loss myself as a child I feel that when speaking to children I speak from experience and in a language they can relate to. Being a mother myself, I am a nurturer and I see the children I work with as my own; their well-being is my first and foremost priority. I am committed to upholding the highest ethical standards as well as participating in professional development to keep up-to-date with the best practices in the field of school counseling. Every child is special and deserves to be given the support they need to shine.

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